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Every organization can realize increased profitability through the use of live plants.

Thousands of office, atrium, mall, hotel and facitlity managers of all kinds are reaping the benefits of increased live plant use in their buildings.

Here are just a few examples:

Malls with park-like interiorscapes have 15% higher sales per square foot.[1]

Major buildings command a 20% lease rate premium when they have lush and attractive lobbies.[2]

Hotels with major interiorscaping have higher room rates and occupancy.[3]

Office workers are up to 12% more productive and accrue less sick time in offices with plants.[4]

The proof is in and the evidence continues to grow.  As the pressure to imrove the bottom line intensifies, plants at work deliver results.  Simply put, interior plants are very good for every business.

[1] Melvin Simon & Assoc. in their comparative study of malls with lush and adequate plants vs. malls with minimal interior plants.

[2] CB Richard Ellis from their rent rate assessments in multiple markets and tenant appreciation studies.  The percentage of lease rates varied from city to city with 20% being the average.

[3] Hotel in question has 1004 rooms facing three plant-filled atriums while 60% of its rooms face the exterior landscape.  The atrium facing rooms achieve a 98% occupancy at a 20% lower room rate.

[4] Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University in her study of the same staff in the same office doing the same work over six months.  Plants were introduced after the first three months and dramatic increases in productivity were achieved.

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